School Supply Drive


Our adopted school, Shallowater Middle School, has a red box on the wall. The red box is for extras. When the need arises, a student or family can go to the box and take what they need. Our goal is to help the middle school fill the box. We are taking monetary donations and donations of any items that a middle schooler might need as they head back to the classroom.

When you are looking for your back to school items, think about some of the kiddos who might not be able to roam the aisles for the things they need.

The Superintendent of Shallowater Middle School wrote: 
"I have a dream! This dream includes this poorly pictured red box which will be located within each of our campuses".

When you're at the store, buy an extra. This extra can be a canned good, school supply, etc. Then students or parents can access the box when a need arises. Please consider donating occasionally. The box is already up at middle school, and the others will be up soon. It takes a village, and we live in an outstanding one!




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